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Name - Abhishek Gupta

Position - CEO & Founder

Organisation - NavGurukul

DOB - 28th February 1992

Place - Delhi




Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that doesn't let you sleep" - A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Dreams are our vision towards a particular goal we want to achieve in life. With dreams, we acquire hope and determination to work restlessly towards our goals. Many of us must have dreamt of something or the other in our life. Today's success story is also about a person who has dreamt of doing something exceptional for underprivileged children. When dropping IIT placements was not conventional, he took the path for self-exploration and became an entrepreneur at a very young age. Meet Abhishek Gupta, An Entrepreneur cum Founder of “NavGurukul”, a place that tends to provide quality education to the underprivileged. His journey towards success is one such from where we can take a lot of inspiration and takeaways. Let us dive into the roller coaster journey he had undertaken to become a self-made, passionate, & down to earth human being.

A glimpse to his childhood

Born in a small town, Pilkhuwa near Ghaziabad, Abhishek got inspiration from his father who chose academics over the traditional family business. Since childhood, he grew up taking lessons from his father about how quality education can transform life. He did his schooling from Sidheshwar Public School, Gurgaon, & later did graduation from IIT Delhi in Computer Science.

Successful Indian - successfullindian

Blooming of a dream for a startup

Since childhood, he was highly ambitious and is a believer of the quote-" A man is known by the company he keeps" He mostly spends time with minds of similar interests and wished to spend more time in labs executing his ideas. The 3rd year of his college was a transformational one which guided him towards his aim of having a startup. He started “Zumble” which was a platform for meaningful conversation and got a good response. Later he joined a company called Frankly Me as a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) that deals in making celebrity video interviews. There he learned the managerial and leadership skills and ended up managing a team of 150 members. But destiny had other plans for him and he opted out of it to pursue his dream of "NavGurukul".

What is NavGurukul?

NavGurukul is the brainchild, Nobel, non-profit initiative close to Abhishek. Being the co-founder he is assisted in this dream by Rishabh Verma and Anuradha Daswani who is one of the co-founder and curriculum lead The institution aims at providing a one-year residential course for students belonging to underserved and diverse communities of India. The institution has two complexes, one in Dharamshala and another in Bangalore.

How NavGurukul transforms life?

Higher education seems unattainable for the underprivileged. This is where NavGurukul comes in with a unique value proposition. In the one year residential program, underprivileged students are allotted accommodation, study materials for free. The underprivileged can fulfill their dreams of getting a higher education by acquiring a diploma in Software Programming issued by DGT, Government of India.

Training and placement

The residential program of NavGurukul has placed 80+ students in companies like MindTree, ThoughtWorks, GamingMonk, etc. It mainly focuses on giving financial strength to rural youths. Till now a hundred students have enrolled in both the centers.

Successful Indian - successfullindian

A Dream is full of challenges, NavGurukul isn't exceptional

For any organization or startup, challenges seem manifold. This organization too has suffered operational challenges like looking after the arrival of the students, girl safety, etc and have overcome them courageously. As of now, the organization is hit by the global pandemic of CoronaVirus because of which new admissions are kept on hold.

Immediate goals, to strive something better

  • For NavGurukul, the immediate goal is to increase the capacity of students with a vision of delivering 1 software engineer per day
  • Secondly, with changing dynamics, Abhishek has planned to come up with new courses on graphic designing and counseling psychology.
  • Last but not least going with the Sustainable Development by the United Nations, he plans to buy 5 acres of land for a completely eco-sustainable campus.
  • The idea of Success For Changing Lives
  • For Abhishek, success can be found in doing small things and not only surrounding ourselves with the big ones.
  • Like in NavGurukul, the institution teaches students not to compete but to cooperate among themselves and work accordingly.
  • Words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs

    Consistency and Patience are the keys. In the social sector to make a change is a slow process. One needs to get rid of the saying " Nahi Ho Payega," as things will change for the better. All that is needed is passion, patience, and innovation. Rest is All Assured.

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