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Name - Amit Munjal

Position - CEO & Founder

Organization - Doctor Insta

DOB - 21st June

Place - Gurgaon

The man behind digitalizing healthcare

Good healthcare is a fundamental right of every citizen. However, due to infrastructure issues, low ratio of doctors to patients, and a high population, there is a gap in providing proper medical facilities. Hence, alternative formats of treating patients have to be developed to meet the requirements without making it very expensive. Amit Munjal, the Founder, and CEO of DoctorInsta, did precisely that. He made medical facilities accessible to millions of people both in metros and in far flung villages through his company DoctorInsta. Let’s discover more about his journey from being an investment banker to the founder of a telemedicine brand and how it has made a difference in people's lives.

The CEO and Founder

Amit is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DoctorInsta, a tech health app that offers primary healthcare through the digital medium. With the motto of “ See a doctor INSTAntly- Anytime, Anywhere”,
the brand aims to offer excellent medical care to everyone at an affordable price. The consultation works only through the digital medium with specialists in myriad fields. Digital Insta aims to bridge the gap between patients and doctors without having to waste time reaching a hospital or a clinic or waiting in long queues for a consultation.

How did it all begin?

While in conversation with Amit Munjal, he explained how the idea of telemedicine germinated. I thought about this concept long back in 2012 but did not work on it until 2015 as the technology was not yet supportive of the platform I wanted to offer. Between 2013 and 2015, the overall landscape of the Indian market was different with few smartphone brands and poor data connectivity. So in 2015, when smartphone penetration reached small towns, and mobile internet connectivity improved, we launched DoctorInsta

Roadblocks along the way

Like all the entrepreneurial ventures, even DoctorInsta faced initial hiccups. The main being to shift the attitudinal behavior of patients from physically meeting a doctor for a consultation to be comfortable with the digital format of seeing one. Amit adds, “ Hence, we had to work hard in getting people to understand the concept and assure them of good results. In fact, we also offered a money-back assurance for patients if they were not happy with the consultation. Even now, in case a patient is dissatisfied, we return the money. But with time, people started gaining confidence and trust in this alternate method of medication, and slowly but steadily, our consumer base increased. Today, more than five million are benefiting from our app.”

Differentiating factors

DoctorInsta is a novel approach to medication and consultation. It connects a specialist with a patient simply through the mobile. All one needs to do is download the app and make an appointment after choosing the specialty. It is quick, easy, and requires the least effort. Amit notes, “Our USP lies in providing a quick turnaround for the patient. He no longer needs to wait long hours to see a doctor. Also, our team of doctors are experts in their field and have years of experience, which finally attracts all our patients. We also have a wide range of consultations - from physicians, psychologists to gynecologists, and sexologists. So once a person comes to us, he never goes to anyone else. Thus, we do not fear competition from others. We aim to provide quality service through the best team of doctors.”

Successful Indian - successfullindian

Road ahead

The future seems quite bright for this alternate form of medical consultation as the population is ever-increasing, but the number of doctors is still not as high. Hence, having a digital medium for consultation allows for more people to connect with doctors. Giving statistics, Amit says, “ Market opportunity is huge with the country of 1.3 billion people with 1 million Doctors doing around 50 million consults, the opportunity is more even if we are able to move just 10 % of a large number of consults happening.” Also, with the ongoing pandemic, it is a boon to have such a medium for medical help as it is least risky. Amit adds, “ Also, there is an increased need for medical counselling in the field of sexology and psychiatry. And, the digital format is more convenient as it is private.”

Motivating young entrepreneurs

For those who want to make a mark in this field but do not know how to begin, Amit advises, “Firstly, you should always follow your inner calling and dreams. Find mentors and successful people in this field and follow their work closely. For instance, I read Life Philosophy by Warren Posey. It gave me great inspiration. I still follow him through different mediums. Besides that, budding entrepreneurs must understand that every idea takes time to develop, so nurture it and give it time and patience. Keep yourself abreast with the latest in the field of medicine and be dynamic in your thinking.” In addition to this, Amit insists, “You must get a legal license from the government so that everything is done legitimately, just like in other businesses.” In the words of the famous Walt Disney
“ All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Awards & Achievements

  • Amit serves as a mentor and a business coach to various dot coms as well as to Capital Innovators, a Start-up Accelerator Program in the US.
  • Amit is a Charter Member of TiE, Delhi and Los Angeles Chapter of CFA Institute
  • He founded a Venture Capital Firm in 2015, BrahmaX Ventures, and raised over $50 Million to provide seed to early stage capital to Start-Ups
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