Name - Amit Sharma

Position - CEO & Sales Specialist

Organisation - Dishah Strategic Solutions Pvt Ltd

DOB - 4th November

Place - Chennai

An unbridled sales architect

Some people are born with the gift of the gab, to convince and transform people and decisions effortlessly - Amit Sharma is one such blessed human being. The CEO of Dishah Strategic Solutions Pvt Ltd, a three-time recipient of Top Sales Consulting and Training Firms in India and the author of the much-celebrated book Sales Decoded, he has changed the way sales is looked at in India and abroad. Through his venture, he has designed a business concept to help SMBs have a competitive edge through value-added strategic and tactical consulting solutions. Let’s find nuggets of inspiration from his life story for young entrepreneurs who want to follow his path and carve their niche.

The beginning

Born in a small town of Haryana, Karnal, Amit was always interested in sports more than academics. He did very well in cricket and was training for the Domestic Cricket Championship as an Opening Batsman. However, like in any stereotypical Indian scenario, he had to give it all up for academics. Amit pursued his Post Graduation in Computer Science, but his knowledge of languages like C++ and Java was quite average. All he was looking out for was a well-paying job. He furthered his studies while working and completed an MBA in Sales & Marketing from Tamil Nadu University. This was when his life took a completely new turn.

The calling

From being a techie, he was now a management graduate and he loved the art of sales and marketing. He started off as a frontline Sales Agent in a multinational company, HP, in 2005 and worked up the ladder. From being a sales executive, he went on to becoming the business development head in 2012. The urge to have something of his own was an underlying desire. So in 2015, he decided to take the plunge and established Dishah Consultants, Sales Consulting & Training Organisation in Chennai
When asked about how the seed of starting a company germinates, Amit said, “There are many national and international consulting and training companies that are competing on the high scale by offering various services ranging from strategy to business, operation, financial aspects, etc. However, there are hardly a few that are focused on the sales domain. Be it any type of business, small and medium, or Start-ups; all are bleeding Customer inquiries, Market share, Revenue, and Profit due to cut-throat competition. Most of the organizations possess unorganized and in-complete sales operation capability to win the customer base. We recognized this situation and stepped up as a Sales Consulting and Training Company to offer dedicated Result Driven Sales Consulting Services and ensure sharp-edge against all types of prevailing competition for different businesses.” Since its inception, the company has performed exceedingly well, helping SMBs design a business concept and increase their market share. It has a gamut of services including Marketing, Sales & Customer Relation, Market Penetration, Market/Product Development, and Diversification. It also offers services related to Organization Change Management, Competency Management Services, and Business Process Management. Today, it is a trusted name in the marketing and consulting arena. It has been awarded as the Top Sales Consulting and Training Firms in India by CR Magazine in 2017, GC Magazine in 2019 and TheCEOStory Magazine in 2020. However, it was not a comfortable ride. There were many setbacks and challenges that Amit waded through to make it to the top.

Roadblocks along the way

The main challenge of starting a business is to stand out in the crowd. “Even we faced this problem. Our biggest challenge during our inception was making our presence felt in the SMB & SME sector. Also, the problem of capital and resources hounded us for long,” muses Amit. Another issue that most businesses face is that of demand generation and customer acquisition. However, Amit and his team resolved this issue slowly and steadily. “We created a framework that combines 21st century Sales Strategies, Content Marketing, Unique Value Proposition and Social Selling. This framework proved to be very effective to the extent that our outbound marketing transitioned to Inbound Marketing within 1 year of implementation.” Even today, Amit and his team face many challenges, but the idea is to take it one step at a time, and the results are bound to show up.

Motivating budding entrepreneurs

Starting something of your own needs a lot of courage, dedication, and focus so to all the budding entrepreneurs wanting to follow Amit’s path, his advice is, “Be thorough with the Technical Knowledge and Product Management Skills. Hire a marketing agency with a decent budget to do your PR. In today’s digital marketing and social age it isn’t tough to find customers but to convert them into lifelong clients is the challenge. This requires superior sales skills. So focus on sales. Do not treat Sales as a ‘Break-Fix’ mechanism like when you don't get Sales, then you start solving it. It’s as strategic as your business plan and marketing. Plan for Sales Capability along with the product plan to yield sales revenue exactly when you need it.” Another key to being successful is to invest in self-development. Amit emphasizes learning new skills, undertaking relevant courses and being a part of different networking groups with similar passions. He adds, “Investing in Self-Development and Learning New Skills around your Dream or Passion is the only way to success.” Also, it is not just important to dream big but to work towards realizing it. So break down your dream into daily activities and stick to deadlines. Amit adds, “Success comes to those who wake up daily and work for their Dream every day.” With a smile on his face and an undeterred confidence.

Amit says, “My life’s mantra is be the master of your art as fame & success comes to those who master their art and become an expert.”


Awards & Achievements

  • Top Sales Consulting & Training Companies in India Award by Consultant Review Magazine in 2015
  • Best Sales Training Program Award by GC Magazine in 2019
  • Top Sales Influencers in India Award by SalesAdda Magazine
  • Sales Consultant of the Year 2020 Award by TheCEOStory Magazine
  • Trained over 10,000 Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs & 100+ Corporate
  • Author of Bestseller Book - Sales Decoded
  • Knuts Keynote Speaker
  • Prestigious Corporate Excellence Award of "Most Influential Sales Consulting Business Leader 2020 - India"- by London Based Corporate Vision Magazine
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