Successful Indian - successfullindian

Name - Anuradha Goyal

Position - Travel enthusiast, Blogger, Author

DOB - 28th October

Place - Goa

Anuradha was born in Punjab, the land of five rivers. Her father was employed with the Defense Sector in the Central Government. Hence, she had the experience of living at different places across India, given the work transfer of her father. She completed her Bachelor of Science, Physics Honors, and post-graduation in Computer Science from Panjab University. After completing her studies, she worked in diverse roles across at least four multinational companies in India. In 2007, she bid farewell to her full-time job at one of the leading IT companies in India and founded IndiTales.
Anuradha published her first travel blog in 2004. The concept of travel blogs was new and emerging during that time. Blogging was one of the many experiments that she undertook in life. It was never a planned strategy because not many people were writing or reading blogs in those times. But gradually, the audience started connecting with her. During her PG in Computer Science, she developed the abilities to step into things that were ambiguous and to travel the less traveled road. These abilities helped her in carving out a definite path in life. She dynamically published blogs as it was more of a passion for her. Everything that she wrote initially reached out to people organically without putting any dedicated efforts. The professional bloggers emerged in the industry in 2010 with a pre planned strategy. Meanwhile, during that phase, Anuradha had a solid base of thousands of loyal readers and hundreds of articles already published. Until this day, she has never spent a single rupee on the advertisement of her blogs. Anuradha believes that if one writes authentic content, the readership will take care of itself. Her marketing and promotion even today are only limited to sharing new posts on her social media profile, and nothing beyond that.
Anuradha is an avid reader, and that has helped her in developing a unique and interactive writing style. In addition to this, she researches and reads about every travel destination in advance. This helps her in exploring new and unseen locations at popular places. Anuradha is living her dream of traveling across the world. She does not have an exact count of the number of cities visited and total blogs written on it. This is because her natural writings are profound and include intricate details about the region. She has written at least fifty blogs on the nooks and corners of Delhi. Combining the accounts of such experiences as just one place is not quite justified. Her significant in-depth expressions and emotional connections in the blogs are matchless. She has traveled all her life and expressed it through various forms of communication. Hence, it becomes difficult to cap a number on it.

Successful Indian - successfullindian

Over the years, Anuradha has realized that she is living two distinct lifestyles. The first one is when she is traveling. And the second one is when she is working as a Solopreneur. When traveling, she is usually cut off from the real world. She indulges with the aura of the route and the destination. Anuradha intends to absorb the vibes and absorb the culture of her destination. After waking up early, she is out on the streets, roads, mountains, beaches, and anything else that the place has to offer. She has learned to connect and be friends with absolute strangers on this journey. Her explorations continue until it is dark. During her travel explorations, she ensures that the use of social media is limited to thirty minutes. Her phone calls are also confined to her family members and immediate friends. Her husband Shashi has been a constant support, and an inevitable partner, during most of her explorations. When working from home, she has a hectic schedule as that of a Solopreneur. She plans, writes, edits, and proofreads the content. She also edits the photos and videos of the travel destination herself. Marketing, social media management, podcasting, and addressing client requests are also an inevitable part of her schedule. Despite such a hectic schedule and traveling, she firmly manages time for her family and herself.
Anuradha feels privileged that her writing can impact the perceptions of millions of readers. She feels blessed that her words have the power to bring about a change in society. In total, the number of posts on her present blog are 1000+.She has recorded her travel experiences from the nooks & corners of India and 18 other countries. She has also written hundreds of other blogs for magazines, newspapers, books, and companies in the last sixteen years. Apart from IndiTales, she is also popularly known for AnuReviews, which is her blog dedicated solely to book reviews. She is the author of the national bestselling business book The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India. This book has been preferred by acclaimed B-Schools in India for their courses on entrepreneurship. A few months back, she released her first e-book, the Unusual Temples of India (Devalaya Book 1). She has uncovered the facts and stories of unique and lesser-known temples, across prominent locations in India. Lotus in the Stone – Sacred Journeys in Eternal India is her latest and a recently published non-fiction book. It is a book filled with stories, experiences, and perspectives that helps us in connecting with the heritage that is lying in plain sight, right in front of us. Anuradha is the recipient of the Digital Innovation Award. She is also the recipient of the Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Award for Reengineering India 2020. She is also a top-notch Business Innovation Consultant for startups and corporate.
According to Anuradha, amongst the many qualities that are a must-have for any professional blogger, the most important quality is Patience. She believes that one should get into blogging only when you are passionate about the subject. Food and travel blogging is perceived as the simplest form of blogging. But on the contrary, it is one of the toughest niches to write about. Moreover, it is a project-based profession. This makes the sources of income volatile and dependent on the events happening across the world. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the Food & Travel bloggers across the world were affected badly. The revenue generation for many was zero. Therefore, patience and passion will only help an individual to make it a sustainable profession. Having the freedom to do what you wanted to do without compromising on anything is the real meaning of success for Anuradha. There is no definite monetization model for bloggers in India. This is a roadblock that is faced by most of the bloggers.
Before blogging, one must introspect and realize his/her purpose for blogging. You can either be a blogger by passion or for earning. Blogging for passion will mean a zero-tolerance quality policy. When it is for monetary benefits, then you can explore multiple niches as long as you are paid for it. The clarity of your purpose in blogging will define where you go. If you repeat what a thousand other bloggers are already doing, then you are not adding any value to it. Adding a distinct value to your piece of writing separates it from the rest. One must have the conviction to write, express, and do justice to your writing even in the rough times. The last thing to remember is that you must remain innovative. Innovation in your writing style, expression, structure, or any other parameter of your blog will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Digital Innovation Award 2014
  • Best digital content award at Digital Women Award in 2015
  • Outlook Traveller nominated IndiTales in the best travel blog category
  • Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Award for Reengineering India 2020
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