Successful Indian - successfullindian

Name - Haran Kumar

Position - Photographer

DOB - 29th June 1985

Place - Delhi

Haran was born in a remote village in Madanmohanpur, West Bengal in 1985. His parents migrated to Delhi in the 1990s in search of a new life. Three years after shifting to Delhi he ran away from home. Haran felt that studies were not for him and did not like it when his parents emphasized on studies. He set off and started surviving at the New Delhi railway station doing odd jobs like collecting garbage and lifting passenger’s luggage. Haran was rescued by Salam Balak Trust NGO and shifted to a shelter house. He was offered a place to live, neat clothes, and schooling. He went on to live in the shelter house for the next seven years. He also went back home and met his family. But, he did not stay with them. He had decided on walking his path.
In the year 2001, he heard about an International Photography-Workshop. Haran selected the street life theme and captured the dreams, desires, and aspirations of people who lived on the street. The organizers were impressed with his pictures and congratulated him. Haran felt motivated and took the photography seriously.
Haran got his hands-on training in photography by assisting Mr. Amit Kulhar who was a member of the International photography workshop. He also took up a part-time job to cop up with finance. Meanwhile he met Mr. Guriender Osan at the shelter house. Haran learned photography by clicking pictures from a camera he borrowed from his mentor. He captured photographs and then visited his mentor for feedback. Mr. Amit taught him different technical aspects of fashion and contemporary photography. He also learned to capture documentary, and with practice developed that skill. He could learn photojournalism, contemporary, and documentary photography from Mr. Guriender. His dedicated hard work and training from both these mentors helped him become a successful photographer.

Successful Indian - successfullindian

He soon secured a full-time job at the university and taught for two and a half years. In 2004, Haran came to know that the pictures he clicked in the first photography workshop had traveled the world in the form of an exhibition and now they were coming back to India in Nov 2004. During the exhibition, it gave him the much-needed recognition. He could soon manage to pull out a solo exhibition of his pictures by somehow managing the sponsors. The audience loved it and it changed everything for Haran. His work and story were published across the globe. He started working with Times of India soon. In a few months, he was honored by the United Colors of Benetton with a photography scholarship in Italy.
After returning to India he started working with small editorials and news agencies as a freelancer. Gradually the times passed and in 2008 he got the opportunity to shoot a campaign for Honda. This was the turning point that enabled him to work for high-budget commercial projects. This also marked his entry into the glamour world. He started working with corporate and capturing portfolios for high-profile individuals. He set up his studio and company. Money was no longer a problem in his life. He adopted a dog and named him Jambo who became an integral part of his life. Things were perfect for a small-town boy who had worked hard to live each day of his dream.
One of the atrocities of becoming successful is neglecting the ground-reality. He mismanaged money; spent time on the wrong things and in bad company. Haran soon became arrogant and short-tempered. His surroundings and group contributed to this transition. Sever financial crisis made him lose everything including his home and studio. He was soon left with an empty bank account. The most trusted people left his side and would not lend him a single penny as he was broke.
He did not have work and struggled to manage food & shelter. In such trying times Jambo the only one who stayed by his side but he also fell sick. He suffered paralysis due to an overdose of medicines. Haran did not want him to die with a life like this. Haran was broke and he introspected on what went wrong. He decided to rise again for him and Jambo.
With the help of his mentors, he resumed work. He did a large scale advertising print campaign in Mumbai in Jan 2020. Next, he successfully carried out a portfolio photo shoot for Genesis BCW and corporate shoot for Indigo Airlines. He has also managed to rent a house and Jambo’s health has started improving. He is making efforts to rebuild his studio and an art gallery in Delhi. Haran believes everything happened for good. He is glad that Jambo was there by his side during the tough phase. He has started making his mark again and is living a simple but happy life. He knows he had achieved everything in the past and can re-achieve the same. His journey is about staying connected to the ground realities despite all the success, fame, and recognition in life. Once you lift both your feet off the ground, the gravitational force of nature is bound to pull you down sooner or later.

Successful Indian - successfullindian

Passion is for life. Hard work will pay off but doing the right work smartly will also give you the desired results. Do not rely on support or kick-start but rely on constructive efforts for things to work for you. The biggest mistake is to follow someone else’s dream and path. Follow your passion and discover your path. It can bring your dreams to life.

Haran is now on his journey to tell the world the untold truth about the lives on the street with his photographs. He has also discovered his skills and interest in abstract painting. He is relying on art to express and capture his feelings.
  • The Best Photography Exhibition 2005” for “Street Life Awarded in 2006 by the Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.
  • Special honor received from the “Prince Claus Fund”, the Netherlands in 2005
  • Nirman Excellent Photographer of the Year” for “Street Life” Kolkata, India Awarded in 2005
  • Silver & Bronze Medal by “The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation” in the United Kingdom Awarded in 2001-2003
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