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Name - Mridula Dwivedi

DOB - 15th May

Designation - Travel Blogger, Visiting Faculty

Place- Gurgaon

I grew up in Gorakhpur, UP playing many sports. My father worked with the Indian Railways and we had access to swimming pools, stadiums and i made good use of them. I was good at studies too.
I did a Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur and then taught in business schools from 2002 to 2015 full time. I went to Banasthali Vidya Peeth to do my BA and MA. I went to Carmel Girls School in Gorakhpur.
I started travel blogging in 2005, yes that is right there is no typo. My sister and brother-in-law insisted that i should blog and they did not leave me alone till i started one.
I would say persistence because it is easy to start but not so easy to sustain the momentum.
You can take the girl out of Gorakhpur but not Gorakhpur out of the girl.
I like taking pictures the most. And that my blog took me places, including Siberia!
It is difficult to play favourites but my Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal in 2012 was outstanding. It was tough, I doubted myself so many times but in the end i did it.
My two trekking guides, who are now family friends, are Rakakant Sharma ji in Himachal Pradesh and Sohan Singh Bisht ji in Uttarakhand.
I am lucky, i really do not have any real bad experiences on my trips.
I am open to all kinds of travels, but the ones that i enjoy most are with my sister or daughter. I like traveling solo too.
When i used to work full time, it was difficult, but it is not that hectic after i quit my full time job. But Covid has really been a dampener.
That is my personal blog that i started in June 2005.
Wow let me go and check, my dashboard says 3155 posts. I can’t believe it myself.
I would say i usually write for myself and i post what makes me happy. Pictures are important to me. I think i am the girl next door, so i am relatable.
If it is a first trip to a major tourist destination like Paris, I look for the big attractions first. I seek the unknown only if I am a repeat visitor. I scout locations on Instagram, I ask friends, if i know locals, i ask them. I make use of Facebook travel groups too.
I do not like hectic places, I do not like crowded places, and i have a lot of patience for whatever may come my way, and i love walking.
I do not have a bucket list. I also go to places where i can find reasonable airfare. Paris happened that way, i was searching for Belgrade but found cheap tickets to Paris instead.
Be respectful wherever you go.
Starting a blog is easy but keeping at it, year after year is the difficult bit.
Nature is my biggest inspiration.
Do what you like, don’t follow trends, do what makes you happy and you will find a way to sustain your blogging.
Clicking even better pictures and visiting as many places as possible.
I think i started early and that gave me a head start, in 2005 the space was not crowded and i kept at it.
Keep blogging, it will take you places.
  • My blog was featured on the BBC and the Guardian.
  • I have worked with various tourism boards, both in India and abroad, hotels, airlines and tour companies.
  • I have visited 32 countries till date.
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