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Name - Mrityunjay Shahi

Position - CEO

Organization - Salary Dost

DOB - 12th August 1981

Place - Thane

A MBA Graduate turned Entrepreneur for whom language was never a barrier

We often have come across a saying "Music knows no bounds." Similar to that there is a popular saying," Language can never be a barrier when it comes to fulfilling dreams. At a small village at Gorakhpur UP, an MBA graduate dares to dream for a successful career. His dream of achieving something big allows him to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. No one back in his village could have ever imagined how this young man would turn his destiny around. Who says dreams are for the ones who have money, dreams are for everyone who dares to achieve and dare to dream. Today's story is about Mritunjay Shahi, an MBA graduate cum entrepreneur who fulfilled his dream of coming out with a venture called " Salary Dost." He dares to skip the conventional way of earning money and tries to use his banking expertise for doing something good for society.

Memory down the lane

Born and brought up in a small village of Gorakhpur, Mritunjay was highly ambitious since childhood. Born in a simple middle-class family, his father is a teacher and mother a housewife. He did his schooling and college from Gorakhpur itself. His passion for setting up his own business was driven from the popular saying,"Simple living, high thinking." Hailing from a village, he is a highly ambitious and down to earth person. His college life seems to be full of beautiful memories like most of the other individuals. In 2000 he went to Mumbai to pursue MBA in Sales and Marketing from Rizvi Academy of Management. With entire schooling being pursued in Hindi medium, it was difficult for him to adjust to the high paced lifestyle of Mumbai. On the professional front, he worked with Indusind Bank, Reliance Life Insurance and continued working in ICICI Bank for 12 years. Later he made up his mind to start something on his own and that's how "Salary Dost" turned into reality.

Salary Dost, A friend for your financial needs

Salary Dost is the most needed financial app for salaried persons. The app tends to provide advance salary loans to salaried employees. Started in the year 2018, the idea behind Salary Dost is to help the salaried persons in times of financial crisis. As the name suggests, the app is like a helping hand and friend to the salaried employees when they need financial help the most. One simply needs to download the app from Google Play store and upload the necessary documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, salary slip, etc and get their funds with a processing fee attached. To make Salary Dost more relevant, he tends to go through various books, articles and make active use of networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Motivation and Idea behind Salary Dost

Since childhood, Mritunjay's dream was to achieve something big in his career. Initially, it was difficult for him to break the "typical" conditioning of a middle-class family and work for his dreams. It was difficult for him to work out but his passion and dedication knew no bounds. With 15 years of banking and insurance, he worked hard to make his venture Salary Dost, a short term loan app that reimburses funds within 15 to 90 days of a period.

Successful Indian - successfullindian

Roadblocks are road to success

Every new venture is prone to obstacles and roadblocks. As everything seems new and blank, Mritunjay's journey was also not an easy one. The first and foremost roadblock was to convince his family about his new venture. After 15 years of 9 to 5 job, financing the family, leaving the job was not that easy. Also, comes the management roadblocks. Challenges like the recruitment of an eligible team along with earning revenue was also a matter of concern. Regarding the funds for his venture, he got the financial support from his friends and his provident fund.

Immediate goals for Salary Dost

Mritunjay's next immediate goals for Salary Dost will be to reach out to maximum people and make financial loans services available to them. The main motive lies to include more and more salaried people to help them in times of financial crisis. More the people are involved, the less the financial crisis becomes.

The Idea of success and advice for budding Entrepreneurs

Self-discipline, self-motivation, and taking correct decisions are key to achieving success in life. The idea of success according to him lies on the fact of having confidence and hunger for work. Also, one needs to maintain a fine balance between personal and professional life. One cannot achieve success if he or she is unable to strike the balance between personal and professional life. A healthy route to success depends upon creating a fine balance between both of them to reap the true benefits of success.

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