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Name - Nuthan Manohar

Position - CEO & Founder

Organization - Me Met Me

DOB - 1st July 1980

We usually keep our mental and physical health apart, thinking that our psychology doesn’t have anything to do with our physiology. Even less is known about how our senses like smell can impact both body and the mind. But with several studies and researches, it’s proven that a human’s mental and physical health are two faces of the same coin. If you are not feeling good or your mood is upset, your body will show the signs of disease almost instantly. Similarly, if you are physically suffering from conditions like obesity or even a headache, it will drag down your mood and mental health. Once we understand and appreciate this intricate connection between the mind and the body we can reduce suffering. Through over a decade of research into mind-body interventions and psycho-sensory interactions, an Indian, Nuthan Manohar has been helping communities and individuals recover the joy of living through effective techniques. Nuthan is an adjunct faculty at IIM K on Self Management, a course that trains future leaders to become resilient in body and mind. She is a TEDx Speaker, winner of various state and international awards for innovation in wellbeing. Her socially relevant project was cited by UNDP as a best practice in volunteerism. She is the State Chair for Kerala, for G100, a unique club of world women leaders that include Nobel laureates, former country presidents etc. She is working towards further research projects on insomnia with global leaders in health education. She is also a consultant for various brands for therapeutic perfumery products. Right now she has her fingers crossed to make it to the top fifty for a prestigious competition where she has made it to the top 300 in India. She is in the process of test launching a therapeutic perfumery brand called BIOESSENCE for India where she collaborates with world perfumery leader - Robertet- the house behind perfume brands like Chanel No 5. Mind body interventions, now often cited as brain-body-behaviour interventions utilise the intricate connection of what we think, our behaviour and the functioning of the body to improve quality of life. For instance, we all know that a needle prick will hurt, but it has been found that those giving blood for donation experience far less pain, so next time when you have to get a needle prick, have altruistic thoughts and it would reduce the pain you experience. Likewise it has been proven that the largest sense organ, the skin, is fantastic at detecting safety. And when one feels safe, the body’s biochemistry changes for the better. So next time you practice meditation or prayer, go on and include hugging your loved ones and reap the restorative benefits. With her background in consumer behaviour and research spanning over eleven countries, her deep insights into neuro marketing combined with her MSc in Yoga, Nuthan has been successfully creating and testing techniques that bring about wellbeing easily.
A traumatic childhood, first hand experience of PTSD and child abuse eventually paved way to compassion and empathy. The beautiful part of her childhood was being able to live in various countries, explore various cultures and build a deep bond with nature. My childhood moulded me to be able to see various aspects of the same problem and to develop a very strong intuition. She completed her B.Sc in Computer Science and after that did her MBA from a very prestigious institute in India. From 2004 to 2008, she worked with advertising and branding firms like Mudra, Ogilvy, Shining for clients like TTK Prestige, Cafe Coffee Day, Mahindra, Reliance, Nilgiris, Titan etc. 2008 took her career to higher trajectory as the Asia Pacific Regional Manager at DraftFCB working on global accounts such as Kraft Foods (Mondelez) - Oreo, Kraft Cheese, Chips Ahoy, TUC; Bausch & Lomb etc. According to her, it was the most stimulating time of her life as there was greater scope to work on behaviour, attitude and various consumer research projects. A large portion of time was spent on working towards the launch of Oreos in India.
At the peak of her career, life took a drastic turn. Suddenly she was faced with a slew of physical and mental challenges. Almost overnight, there were musculoskeletal problems (feet, knees, hip, shoulder), metabolic and hormonal issues, a breast tumor scare, various episodes of infections that included flesh eating bacteria (trench mouth and necrotising fasciitis), all this combined with acute stress, anxiety, insomnia etc. She was on various medications, physiotherapy and psychotherapy. Did you know that a weird side effect of antidepressant is suicidal tendencies? That anti anxiety pills could render your creative mind incapable of retrieving information and lateral thinking? At some point deep within, I knew I did not want to live like this - I decided to give it my all to heal myself or die trying. The medicines were helpful but they impacted my work, counselling was a complete waste of time. So I started asking myself the following question - in advertising, we have almost perfected the way to influence behaviour, can I influence my behaviour to make it easier to recover? My mind has been capable of making my body incredibly unhealthy, can I train my mind to make my body healthy? Can I use my body and breath to rewire my mind? Nuthan revisited Yoga, but this time she turned to Yoga as a tool for wellbeing. After the launch of Oreo into India, she had the time to have an immersive two week experience of the yogic lifestyle. It was then that she realised she had a calling in wellbeing. She went on to quit her job, attend the first may yoga teacher training course and therapeutic apprenticeships. 2010 August she started teaching Yoga as a trainer at the globally rebounded premium yoga studio - Pure Yoga. I also started experimenting with a unique skill I possessed, the ability to use scent to promote wellbeing.
“When I came back to India in 2013, I set up Me Met Me, to assist communities and individuals reclaim health and happiness. As I was a pet mom, I was unable to travel so most of my focus was on regular classes. Living in Kerala had its advantages as a researcher. Kerala has a high incidence of various lifestyle diseases, stress, depression etc. “ My research and development work in Kerala that spanned seven years, I was able to work on over 90 different modules for mental and physical conditions. I also had the time to hone my skills as an Ayurvedic perfumer. I have created over 15 blends for conditions like stress, focus, menstrual discomfort, heart break, sleep etc.
2019 brought a new phase into my life, my then nineteen year old dog had passed away. Though heartbreaking, it did give me my freedom to travel. I started focusing on setting up my perfumery lab, workshops in the Netherlands. While the problem of wellbeing is larger in India, the individual and community commitment to wellbeing is very low. For instance we are among the most depressed, unhappiest and sleep deprived countries. The wellbeing of Indian women is particularly worse off, and we have the most stressed out women globally. Therefore it was better to offer services where it was wanted. In 2019, she visited several places in Europe like the Netherlands, Malta, Denmark, Germany, and so on. She studied people and understood that they are way more responsive and eager to improve their mental well-being as compared to people from other parts of the world. For Europe I envision to set up personalised therapeutic perfumery and mind-body interventions. After all, all of us do not experience stress the same. Later this year I shall be test launching ease BIOESSENCE, a unique combination of therapeutic perfumery made from the world's finest natural essential oils and audio video guides to assist with conditions like stress, happiness, sleep etc easily.
“In life pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. If we can choose to understand what is causing pain and disease and adopt simplistic changes that address this we can have a better quality of life. Sometimes adopting a better sleeping pattern can create the needful changes. I believe happiness of both the body and mind is our responsibility - we owe it ourselves, our loved ones and to society to lead a wholesome life”
  • She has won various national and international awards in therapy and innovation including UNDP, NatGeo
  • She provides content for various national and international media on wellbeing
  • She is also known as the sleep whisperer. Her audio has crossed 20k hours of listening in
  • She was awarded for innovation by NatGeo channel
  • She was also the coordinator for the largest yoga conference in Asia – Evolution Asia Yoga conference
  • Nuthan works with corporates and institutions like LinkedIn, Discover Channel, Hyatt, Indian Navy, Kerala Police, Cognizant, HDFC, V Guard, Times of India, Manorama etc
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