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Name - Yash Tiwari

Position - International Youth Mentor, Award Winning Author and Writer, Mental Health Awareness Advocate, Public Speaker

Organization -

DOB - 24th October 2001

Location - Kanpur

My journey as an award winning author and an international youth mentor that I am right now at the age of 19, started back in 2018 when I was just 16 years old and had authored my debut novel, “A CELEBRATION IN TRIBULATION” that went on to receive a great deal of global acclaim and a lost list of accolades. That resulted in me being invited for my first TED talk at the prestigious platform of TEDx when I was just 17 - kickstarting my public speaking endeavours. I went on to author my second book, “PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife Of The Virus” at the age of 18 last year, which is the world's first fiction novel on the Corona Virus Outbreak. For this, I have set two international records at the India Book Of Records and the prestigious Asia Book Of Records for being the youngest author to write a fiction novel on this subject. In my immediate family, I have my parents and my elder sister, all of whom are extremely supportive of my global works.
I did my 12th with Science stream, and am currently pursuing mass communication alongside my professional endeavours in the field of writing and public speaking.
It was a very, very long time ago. I used to write a lot of stories and poetries when I was merely 7-8 years old. My mother used to upload it all on an online blog. Since then, I have been hugely invested in the field of writing.
I wrote my first novel at the age of 16 in just 22 days, and my second novel at the age of 18 in less than 30 days.
There’s no schedule, whatsoever, when I am working on a novel. In some ways, the novel I am working on becomes my world, so the majority of my time and effort is invested towards it only. So, during the days when I am working on a novel, either I am delivering a seminar or workshop on my laptop, or I am writing tirelessly to finish off yet another chapter.
One has to choose between a self-publishing or traditional-publishing platform, reach out to the chosen platform, and strike a deal for getting their manuscript published.
It comes from the world around me, really. For example, when I was conceptualising my now Award Winning and Critically Acclaimed novel, “PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife Of The Virus'', which is also world’s first fiction novel on COVID19 outbreak, I thought of the topic and finalised the storylines by researching for long hours on all the social mishaps that were taking place during the initial phase of the pandemic of Coronavirus around the world, and I figured out the story based on what all was happening in the real world.
In 2018 I wrote my first book, when I was just 16 years old.
A Celebration In Tribulation novel, which was my first book, delivers the story of a young girl named Ilma Zaidi who is diagnosed with an incurable and fatal disease on the eve of her 15th birthday. The story presents the message about the value of love and family, determination and passion, and most importantly that death is not the end of one’s life.
That you start seeing yourself in the characters that you’re writing about, and so you build a sense of emotional connection with them when you pen them down in your novels/stories.
An impoverished boy in China, a helpless doctor in the U.S., a stranded traveler in Italy, and a blooming journalist in India - “Pandemic 2020”, World's First Fiction Novel On The Novel CoronaVirus Outbreak, provides a harrowing look at how the pandemic turned the lives of everyone around the world upside down. The story is a globally-interconnecting tale, intriguingly blending majorly affected regions around the world through characters facing the severity of one common pandemic, the Corona Virus outbreak, a TRIBUTE to all the Warriors of COVID19 Outbreak
The inspiration came from the fact that a lot many people - poor folks, frontline workers, medical personnel, etc. - lost their lives during the fight against the COVID19 outbreak in its initial advent. And so, as an author, I felt a moral sense of duty to pay a tribute to all the warriors of this coronavirus pandemic. That is what inspired me to write a book on this topic.
While writing PANDEMIC 2020 and researching about the storylines, I understood the gravity of impact this pandemic had on people not just from certain specific professions, but on people from all walks of life - both, on psychological and social level.
To write the entire book within a record time of just 30 days, perhaps.
I am, yes. Some of them are in the conceptualisation stage, while others are already outlined/completed. You’ll have to stay tuned on my social platforms to find out more, soon!
It was perhaps my deep rooted passion for using my words and voice for the greater good of the world, that I realised when I was invited for my first TED talk at the age of 17 in 2019. Being on that platform alongside my fellow speakers who were in their 60s or 80s and were global change makers, politicians, actors, and much more - it all made me understand how strong of a potential my words and voice can have. And then, to be addressing the global audience through such a pretentious platform at such a young age also contributed a big deal in that respect.
What I love the most about being a global public speaker is that I get to do what I have wholeheartedly passionate and inclined towards all the while creating a positive change in the world through my voice.
I think youthism - which is age based discrimination of a youngest - is something I experienced in the early phase of my professional journey that I am on right now. I did have some people who judged me based on how young I was earlier. But then, I dealt with it simply by showcasing my potential and experience beyond the number of age I was of. That is the only way to shut the naysayers - by proving them wrong with your brilliance in work.
I always focus on finding topics that might or might not be known, but need a greater sense of illumination for the general public. I’ve addressed less-discussed topics like Youthism, Ageism, Introspective Psychological Analysis, The Art Of Literature, etc. For me, what makes my talks or any projects for that matter so captivating and informative is the uniqueness of the subject as well as my own faith and agreement with what I am speaking about.
I cannot speak for all the public speakers out there, but for me, it is surely the flexibility that has to be maintained, which is the most fun and challenging and exciting part of it - rather than difficult. It is a serious task, tough - to keep the tone of delivery and the content flexible as per the diverse audiences to be addressed. At the age of 19, I’ve delivered sessions for people not just here in India, but also sessions for people in countries like Canada, U.S.A, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, etc. And even if the basic foundation of the content remains the same, I still have to be flexible in terms of the way of delivery of the content as per the diverse audiences in all different platforms.
It is quite simple. I keep myself reminded about the impact that I wish to create on the world as well as why I started in the first place. Because when one keeps one’s self reminded about the reasoning behind why one started in the first place, motivation to keep going further and keep up with the work comes naturally. That is my mantra.
It is quite simple. I deliver an idea in the form of a novel or a talk/session only and only after I have created and crafted the idea to the best of my ability. Even if the time taken for creating the idea is twice as long as delivering it, I am fine with that. After all, a good presentation depends upon a brilliant idea to begin with.
I personally do not have a person I consider as my sole mentor. I try to seek inspiration on what to do (as well as what not to do) from anyone or everyone whom I get to connect with.
Do not ever consider your age as an obstruction in your pathway to success, or in your journey of becoming who you wish to become. Success comes from passion, determination, and focus, not years upon years of experience.
The first step is to enter these fields (writing and public speaking) only because and when you feel a genuine calling towards them. You shouldn’t be writing a book just because you saw a friend of yours do the same. You should be writing it because you felt an actual calling for it in your life. Begin there. Secondly, after deciding to pursue these fields, try to realise what your specific niche is. Specificity in that regard is very essential. Third, be willing to explore the ups and downs of it all. That’s the most important, actually.
Well, according to me, success is not just about you winning a trophy or achieving an accolade. Success is all about reaching a pedestal in your life from where whatever you do is not just about you - it impacts others as well. Success is about having an influence (positive, of course) in the lives of others around you through your voice and words. Success should be just confined to your trophy-shelves - it has to be bigger than that.
My passion towards what I do is a huge fact, I believe. When I was invited to deliver my first TED Talk at the age of 17 in 2019, I felt that it was a huge milestone in my life not just because of how big of a platform I was invited to speak on, but because of getting the opportunity of doing what I’ve always passionately dreamt of. I speak on global platforms with passion. I write my award winning novels with passion. I do what I do because I genuinely feel passionate about it. It is not just a driving force, but an inspiring push in my journey as a public speaker and author. So when the focus is more on doing what one loves wholeheartedly than success, it eventually turns out beautiful.
Always remember to dream big and work hard, no matter what the odds are. There’s always a bright end to every dark tunnel.
  • He is a recipient of the prestigious ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS and INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS,
  • TCC REX Karmaveer Chakra Award
  • Author Of The Year Award (NE8x) Young Author Of The Year 2020 (The Indian Awaz) for his remarkable works.
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